• Kayseri Free Zone presented to business world by Kayseri serves as a model for the other industrializing cities of Turkey.
  • Lowest Cost Land is in Kayseri Free Zone Kayseri Free Zone located at a distance of 320 km to Mersin Port, 900 meters to State Railways loading ramp, 600 meters to the international highway and 15 kilometers to the airport provides conveniences for companies in transportation and shipments.
  • Today 94 companies enjoying privilege of working in the Kayseri Free Zone have been sweating blood for Turkey’s economy with an investment of 140 million dollars.

Our Advantages

  • Since the Free Zone is regarded outside customs frontier all goods can be processed exempt from customs tax, VAT and quota limitations
  • Manufacturing companies are exempt from Income and Corporate Tax of incomes they earn.
  • Incomes and revenues earned in the Zone can be freely transferred to any desired country including Turkey.
  • In the Zone modern infrastructure, communication and transportation are ready.
  • No customs tax for goods imported to the Zone.
  • Barter-trade is allowed.
  • For the reason that sales made to the Zone from other parts of Turkey are regarded as export, Zone utilizers can purchase goods without VAT at export price..
  • Sale facility of the goods manufactured in or brought to the Free Zone to domestic markets.
  • As well as 100% domestic companies foreign companies or Joint-Venture companies can also operate in the Zone.
  • All kinds of bureaucracy and paperwork in the Zone have been minimized and the Zone is operated by private sector ( THE KAYSER INC.)
  • Investor utilizers can transfer facilities they established to others with the permit of the Free Zone General Directorate
  • Currency unit in the Zone is convertible exchange as accepted by the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey.
  • Operating license period can be prolonged up to 99 years.
  • Land property price which is 10,00 USD per sqm excluding infrastructure is very low according to its equals.
  • Natural gas price is 15% cheaper compared to domestic market.
  • Electricity price is cheaper thanks to VAT free application.
  • Drinking and utility water is 80% cheaper than domestic prices.
  • Open and Closed Area Rent is possible with very low costs.
  • Any kind of machine, tools and equipments imported to factories in the Free Zone are exempt from customs tax and VAT. Besides there is no age limit in these goods.
  • In respect of the important geographical position of the Zone it is in a central location thanks to its closeness to Russia, Turkic Republics, Middle East countries and Northern Africa markets as well as its connections with all world countries.
  • Free Zone is at the same time a perpetual and cost-free fictive warehouse. Any type of materials brought from abroad or domestic market can be perpetually stored in the company’s own warehouse.
  • Transportation from the Zone to all ports, international highways, railways and rest centers can be easily and economically provided.

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