• Kayseri Free Zone presented to business world by Kayseri serves as a model for the other industrializing cities of Turkey.
  • Lowest Cost Land is in Kayseri Free Zone Kayseri Free Zone located at a distance of 320 km to Mersin Port, 900 meters to State Railways loading ramp, 600 meters to the international highway and 15 kilometers to the airport provides conveniences for companies in transportation and shipments.
  • Today 94 companies enjoying privilege of working in the Kayseri Free Zone have been sweating blood for Turkey’s economy with an investment of 140 million dollars.

Operation Groups

For which companies is free zone more advantageous ?

It can be said that operating in the free zone is more advantageous for companies mentioned below.

  • Companieswilling to get rid of bureaucracy and tax-related financial burdens in the country.
  • Companiesexporting products manufactured by using import input.
  • Companiesoperating in labor-intensive sectors
  • Companiesoperating in transit trade, re-export and barter-trade.
  • Manufacturers, retailers, banks and insurance agents.
  • searching for ready infrastructure and modern work environment.

Which operations are possible in the free zones ? In which scopes can operating license be received ?

According to physical properties of the free zone, every kind of industry, trade and service operations approved by the Free Zone General Directorate and causing no environmental pollution particularly production, purchase and sale, warehouse management, mounting and demounting, maintenance and repair, workplace rent, exhibition, packing, banking, insurance business, financial rent are possible..

How is workplace to be operated in obtained ?

Whereas in free zones land ownership of which belongs to treasury only open area or ready workplace can be rented, in free zones land ownership of which belongs to private sector (Kayseri Free Zone) land and workplace sales are also possible. In this frame, companies willing to operate in free zone by building their own workplaces or renting ready workplaces can rent open area or ready workplace in the zones land of which belongs to treasury and can rent or buy open area or ready workplace in the zones land of which belongs to private sector. Yet the companies to build their own workplaces must follow the basis of construction and building determined for the subject free zone. In renting or selling open area and ready workplace there are no differences in terms of foreign and domestic companies.

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