About the KAYSER INC

The KAYSER INC – Kayseri Free Zone Establisher and Operator INC was established in November 28th, 1995 after signature of the main contract by 61 partners approved in Kayseri Notary No.5 with the same date and no. 31002 and published in the Trade Registry Gazette dated December 18th, 1995 and no 338. In 1996 search for land started, necessary contacts with Ministry of Finance were made and the land was decided to be transferred to Land Office to be assigned from the National Estate for the purpose of establishing Free Zone. Later, for the reason that land cannot be assigned directly to the Free Zone from the Land Office, necessary contacts were provided with municipalities and Municipality of Melikgazi worked for land supply and realized confiscation of the land belonging to the Treasury as 39 sections, 4390 parcel and 6905854 sqm through the Land Office..

In January 7th, 1997 the Municipality of Melikgazi and the KAYSER INC. sought this land by protocolizing. The land was sold to the Municipality of Melikgazi with a protocol made between Melikgazi and the Land Office on February 3rd, 1997 and at the same time, the land’s deed as 39 sections, 4390 parcel and 6905854 sqm passed to the Municipality of Melikgazi. Taking into consideration the land demand of the KAYSER INC from the Municipality of Melikgazi on January 7th, 1997, the right of usufruct of the subject land was given to the KAYSER INC for 99 years with the Municipality of Melikgazi council decision no 119 and dated May 7th, 1997

Additionally with council decision of the Metropolitan Municipality of Kayseri, zoning plan of this land was changed and registered to zoning sheet as Kayseri Free Zone. With attempts of the KAYSER INC. by the related Ministry of State, location and borders of the Zone were determined with the council of ministers’ decision no. 97/9524 dated June 11th, 1997. The Subject decision came into force having been published in the official gazette no 23031 and dated June 26th, 1997. By signature of a contract between Republic of Turkey Undersecretariat of Treasury and Foreign Trade and the KAYSER INC. on September 9th, 1997, Kayseri Free Zone was ensured to be established and operated by the KAYSER INC(Kayseri Free Zone Establisher and Operator INC). Contract time was designated as 30 years as of September 9th, 1997.

After completion of the works mentioned above, investments were made in 1998 necessary for business operations of the Zone and in November 1st, 1998 the Zone was officially opened and commenced business operation on October 28th, 1999.

In the year of 2000, so as to make the Zone more attractive for investors, carrying out registration of the title deed by the KAYSER INC and after sale procedures were completed by the Municipality of Melikgazi, the title deed was transferred to the ownership of KAYSER, The Kayseri Free Zone Establisher and Operator INC. Parcels in the Zone are sold to investors as title holder.

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