Infrastructure works in our Zone are carried out so as to provide service to all facilities. All companies having made current investments have been provided with all kind of infrastructure services.

Additionally, infrastructures of new parcels have been made ready. In this scope improvement works of sewer system already constructed have been completed and together with this, storm water system has been done in our Zone.

Electric power required by the companies have been provided at demanded wattage. Water supply has the capacity of meeting all needs.

Telephone network installed underground has been put into service so as to cover all the parcels.

In regard to structure of our land, roads’ embankments have been completed, consolidated and the asphalt roads have been sturdily brought into service.

Since all kind of infrastructure works have been completed landscape works are currently being carried out.

Most importantly, we feel proud of putting into service natural gas energy network of which we completed with great sacrifice in order to be able to decrease production cost of our businessmen.

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