KAYSER-Kayseri Free Zone Founder and Operator AŞ was established by signing the articles of association with 61 partners on 28 November 1995 and approved by the Kayseri 5th Notary Public on the same date and with the number 31002, and it was published in the Trade Registry Gazette dated 18 December 1995 and numbered 338. Necessary contact was established with the Ministry of Finance, and the decision was taken to transfer the land to the Land Office to be allocated from the National Real Estate for the purpose of establishing a Free Zone. Later on, the necessary contact was made with the Municipalities and Melikgazi Municipality provided land for land procurement. and expropriation and expropriation of 39 plots, 4390 parcels, 6905854 m2 land belonging to the Treasury through the Land Office.

On 07.01.1997, Melikgazi Municipality and KAYSER AŞ. With a protocol signed between Melikgazi Municipality and Land Office on 03.02.1997, the land was sold to Melikgazi Municipality and the title deed of 39 plots, 4390 parcels, 6905854 m2 land was transferred to Melikgazi Municipality on the same date. Taking into account the land request of KAYSER AŞ from Melikgazi Municipality on 07.01.1997, the usufruct right of the said land was given to KAYSER AŞ for 99 years with the Melikgazi Municipality council decision dated 07.05.1997 and numbered 119.

In addition, the zoning plan of this land was changed by the decision of the council of the Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality and it was written on the zoning sheet as Kayseri Free Zone. With the initiatives of KAYSER A.Ş. before the relevant Ministry of State, the location and boundaries of the Kayseri Free Zone were determined with the Council of Ministers decision dated 11.06.1997 and numbered 97/9524, and the said decision was published in the Official Gazette dated 26.06.1997 and entered into force. Undersecretariat of Treasury and Foreign Trade and KAYSER AŞ. A contract was signed between 09.09.1997 and Kayseri Free Zone was established and operated by KAYSER (Kayseri Free Zone Founder and Operator Inc.). The contract period has been determined as 30 years as of 09.09.1997.

After the completion of the works listed above, the investments required for the commercial operation of the region were made in 1998 and it was officially opened on 01.11.1998 and started commercial activity on 28.10.1999.

In 2000, in order to make the Region more attractive to investors, the registration of the title deed to KAYSER A.Ş. was carried out and the sale transactions were carried out by Kayseri Melikgazi Municipality and the title deed passed into the ownership of KAYSER Kayseri Free Zone Founder and Operator A.Ş. The parcels in the region are sold to investors as their property.